Facebook and Social Connections. What if Facebook was ever switched off ?

Written by Diggy on December 6th, 2010

An Australian study shows how Facebook and other forms of online social networking are now ingrained and how friendship have come to depend on it. Those who opt out completely were now a rare breed, the poll revealed with only 3 per cent of respondents aged 18 to 30 not having a Facebook profile or equivalent.

Among the respondents aged up to 80 years, the percentage of those who shunned all forms of online social networking was still less than 15 percent.
“It is really ingrained in our society now,” Australian Psychological Society researcher Rebecca Mathews said.

“It is a major change in the way we communicate; I guess the telephone being invented was another major one that is comparable.”

Dr Mathews polled more than 1800 people and found overall, that 86 per cent were using online social networking-the vast majority using Face Book but also websites like Twitter and RSVP – and for many its now part of their everyday routine.

A majority of (53 per cent) of the respondents said the site gave them more regular contact with friends and family, while 79 per cent said it fostered closer ties with those living far away.

A bout a qarter ( 26 per cent ) said they went out more and had face to face contact as a result of online social networking.

Half (52 per cent) of users aged 18 to 30 said they would “lose contact with many of their friends if they stopped”, which raises the hypothetical question of what if Face book was ever switched off ?

77 per cent of users check their profile everyday

81 per cent of those aged 31 to 50 and 64 per cent of those over 50 use online social networking

21 per cent of those aged 31 to 50 admitted to forming an intimate relationship with someone they met online

Facebook users aged under 30 had an average 263 friends while those aged 31 to 50 had 206 friends and those aged over 50 had 92 friends.


SEO + – internet marketing mitigating the latest google changes.

Written by jeff on November 15th, 2010

No doubt you would have seen the latest changes to googles search engine listings. Google local and local maps are now given a much higher importance to search results. Previously you might have seen a smaller map with the locator pins on it, and a line of text annotating the pins. This didnt really take up much room.

Now however the same location results are individually listed, vertically in the midst of the search engines results starting from position 3. This is not a problem if you were naturally ranked in the top 3 positions. However if you were position number 4 and below, you now have around eight other listings inserted above your results. Your share of that traffic just plummeted, and no doubt your business will take a hit.

For those who rank highly on the map listings but not on search, you have just got a big bonus. Some would say quite rightly, because the local results emphasis is meant to highlight local businesses. Only problem is, to get a higher local listing you need to have your local profile optimised to take advantage of the new result rendering. A slow process that accumulates authority with continued effort over many months. Funnily enough most businesses still want to have customers whilst this process is undertaken.

If you relied only on adwords then you may have got a shock. The old map is now positioned in the top right above the old sponsored listings. This map dynamically scrolls down the page as you move down to read the page. The map is positioned in the hottest part of screen real estate on the right hand side of the page. If you paid to have you listing sponsored then you just got another reduction in potential clicks.

There are still of course the sponsored listings that appeared above the natural search listing results. No surprise here as they are the premium listing positions. So much so that they even have their own scoring system evaluating their potential to be displayed there. If your bid cost is not high enough you will not be displayed in this area. If your page has a low quality score then you will have difficulty being displayed here. Apparently there is a rotating system of rendering eligible ads for these positions, but no guarantees are given.

Obviously going local was not important enough to disrupt premium paid ad positioning but was sufficient motivation to reposition all listings after position 3. No doubt the revenue generated was a powerful influencing factor here.

SEO Plus is a strategy diggy is using to basically try and cover all bases for our clients and to spread their traffic sources out on numerous platforms to provide as much protection as possible from the nuances of google. It still focuses on a long term strategy of using meaningful content to boost your natural SEO positioning , whilst also encompassing media buying strategies to augment you traffic flow lifeline to your business.

If you have any questions about how SEO Plus internet marketing can benefit your business, please dont hesitate to contact on of our centre managers.


The healthy,natural way to lose weight fast. Find out how !

Written by prash on August 17th, 2010

Losing weight is not simply a matter of looking thinner. Excess weight is the driving force behind a recent explosion in the incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Excess weight increases your risk of having a heart attack, developing cancer and spending time in the hospital .Just as important, carrying excess weight makes it harder to enjoy the little things in life golfing, shopping, traveling and playing with your children.

There are many reasons to lose weight. Maybe your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight to improve your health. Maybe you just found out your cholesterol levels is too high and you need to improve your eating and exercising routine to protect your heart. Perhaps you are tired of looking at those “thin” jeans you used to fit into and you want to actually wear them again. Maybe you find yourself no longer able to keep up with your little one like you used to. No matter what your reason for wanting to lose weight, you will find useful, inspirational advice, products and services on our website


Discount suppliers of Bodybuilding, Sports and Weightloss supplements delivering anywhere in Australia.

Written by prash on August 6th, 2010

Bodybuilding supplementation is extremely vital to the natural bodybuilder. The science and technology of nutritional supplements have improved dramatically since early 1990. Steroid free bodybuilders can now make much better gains than they could with food and training alone. Not taking advantage of advanced supplementation puts at a distinct disadvantage.
Protein supplements are most often used by bodybuilders. Protein supplements help bodybuilders get enough grams of protein per day by adding protein drinks between regular food meals. There are many forms of protein powder available and the most popular body building supplement is whey protein.
Whey protein isolate is the purest form and contains 90 to 95 percent protein. It contains very little fat or lactose. Whey protein shakes are great to use after work outs since they are faster acting and supply important amino acids into muscle cells immediately after training.

Creatine supplement is one of the most effective supplements introduced to the bodybuilding world in decades. Creatine is a natural substance stored in muscle cells and is a part of the anaerobic energy system. By supplementing with creatine you can provide muscle cells the means to produce more energy during exercise.
Creatine supplements come in several forms but most body builders prefer the power mixed with simple sugar because the sugar helps to raise insulin levels which transports the creatine monohydrate directly into the muscle cells .

Legal Muscle is a discount suppliers of Whey Protein and Creatine supplements delivering anywhere in Australia. They ship same day to customers local to any of our stores in SE Queensland and next day for most other locations across the nation and with online order tracking.

Legal Muscle’s supplement lines are the leading brands available worldwide and we pride ourselves on delivering these at heavily discounted prices. Visit Legal Muscle and sign up for free as a Legal Muscle VIP member and receive 10% off all non sale items.
With personal advice available to help you find the product that is best for you, great prices and delivery times, Legal Muscle is your best body building supplements supplier in Australia.


Do Marketers Prefer Social Media or Email Marketing?

Written by Benjamin R on November 8th, 2009

Research and surveys are continuing to show the growing importance of Social Media for marketers in 2010, with nearly six in 10 planning to include social-media spending in their next-year’s marketing budget, according to the “2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study” from the Center for Media Research.

The Top 3 were

  1. Email 57%
  2. Social Media  56%
  3. SEO (or Keyword search) 50%

The Last 2 (interestingly) were Traditional National Mass Media

  1. National TV  18%
  2. National Newspapers 15%

Note: The study was conducted conducted between July 17 and Aug. 10, 2009 and is based on a survey of 1,972 MediaPost subscribers, including 1,164 who report that they have planning, buying, approving responsibility for 2010


Another recent study by Alterian found a similar phenomenon in terms of the importance being placed on social media, with similiar results to the “2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study”. Despite the acknowledgement by marketers that email provides the most measurable ROI, social media continues to receive a large  portion of marketers’ attention because of its potential influence on consumers.

In another study that examined the complex relationship between email and social networks, The Nielsen Company found that the high Social Media consumers had high levels of email usage, likely because of the multitude of “status update” messages that flood social networkers’ inboxes.

Another study reveals that Social Email Campaigns are increasing in this current year(2009) by nearly 400% (A record number of email marketers are planning to bridge the gap between online social networks and their email marketing campaigns, and the number of social email initiatives is expected to grow 367% this year, according to new research from Ball State University, the Email Marketer’s Club and ExactTarget.(for further reading on this have a read of a white paper at Exact Target “Expanding the Reach of Email Through Social Networks Whitepaper“)

Note: The complex relationship between email and Social Media is being further investigated by The Nielsen Company and could prove to be interesting when its results are revealed.


So with the opportunities for marketers with the new medium of Social Media, there are still obstacles with the survey from Alterian revealing  ”4 Challenges” in implementing Social media Marketing.

  • Strategy (46% of respondents felt  that strategy was the most important factor in defining the customer engagement agency)
  • Integration of online and offline channels (25% stated that the top obstacle to overcome in online marketing was the integration of online with database marketing and offline channels
  • Lack of ability to assess or manage internal infrastructure and culture challenges (25%)
  • Integration of all the technology to power the cycle (20%) were identified as the biggest factors in implementing the customer engagement cycle.
  • So what are the major takeaways from these studies

    1. Social Media Marketing is to be ignored at your companies marketing peril

    2. Traditional “Email” is still one of the most important marketing distribution channels

    3. SEO is  vital in being found online and is still a core marketing strategy

    4. Investigating and capitalising on the surprising but interesting relationship between Social Media and Email

    So are the first three the major part of your marketing strategy?


    Internet Marketing is vital for your online success

    Written by Diggy on August 31st, 2009

    When you’re looking to take your business online, you have to take every care to ensure that your investment is profitable.

    Your website is more than just a ‘marketing’ or ‘advertising’ tool. It is the extension of your office, showroom or workshop.

    This is why when you invest in the design of a new website, you also need to do justice to it by investing in Internet Marketing.

    Internet Marketing helps you make the most out of the Internet and helps your website deliver positive ROI.

    Internet Marketing, when done correctly, helps your business get maximum exposure across the Internet. As a starting point, you should invest in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO which is a technique that helps your website achieve a high ranking in search engine results for relevant keywords. With high rankings comes more exposure and more traffic. With more traffic comes more potential customers and ultimately, more sales.

    Internet Marketing is vital to your online success. So talk to Diggy today by calling 1300 34 44 94. We’ll show you how to improve your online presence and get more sales, through Internet Marketing


    Submitting your website to search engines

    Written by Diggy on July 17th, 2009

    There are a lot of internet marketing company’s that offer search engine submission to 5,000 search engines or directories but be aware because there isn’t even close to that many in existence. Also watch out for internet marketing company’s talking about link malls, this kind of internet marketing can get you black listed with Google and some other major search engines. We submit all our sites manually and that is because we have to there is about 10 out of 300 search directories that will allow you to submit your site using any kind of tool or program so also be very careful if some internet marketing company tells you they have some super high tech internet marketing robot that submits your site to search directories. There are three types of internet marketing paid, free, and both. If you want results and you want them fast then Google pay per clicks is the way to go. If you want free traffic it takes a little bit of time and effort before you get results but it’s well worth it.

    There are only 3 major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, as long as your website appear in these search engines that is fine. Any additional search engines you need to look at as just a bonus, as these will not bring signifcant traffic to your website.


    How does your Landing Page convert?

    Written by jeff on July 14th, 2009

    When a visitor lands on one of your landing pages after performing a search from a search engine, the expectations of the visitor are that they do not want to be bombarded with information about non related items or have too many options.

    You will increase the likelihood that someone will purchase or enquire about your product if the users expectation match what they have search for in the first place. That is why it is important to think about your Landing Pages for each product or service.

    It’s essential to provide the visitor with enough information to make an informed decision to continue. Then it is important that the design of the page is in such a way to easily take the user to the next step being a call to action, either by purchasing, an enquiry form or contact details.

    If your landing page has one purpose it will be easier to drive traffic to this page with the right keyphrases and provide a clear message to the user.

    Once you have your landing page(s) built, keep monitoring the conversion rates and make changes accordingly. Keep a look out for what visitors to your page typed in a search engine to find that page in the first place, and does the page have enough and relevant information available for the user to make a decision to go to the next step.

    Need advice on how to create a landing pages please contact Diggy  www.diggy.com.au

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