Concrete stairs – why using preform concrete stairs can save you time and money.

Written by Benjamin R on May 27th, 2010

Concrete stairs have some definite advantages over wood as a stair material. Concrete stairs wont burn, are more water resistant, they tend to be less noisy and they can be prefabricated into almost any form. There are a huge range of covering materials available for your concrete steps including tiles, carpet, stone and other man made covering materials like ironstone.

The construction of concrete stairs is usually very quick and you can have your stairs ready for use within days. The option of using preform concrete stairs is a tremendous time saver as you can define how your steps will look in advance of your requirement date. Quality control is also much tighter when your stairs are made in a factory production line environment.

Preform concrete stairs usually come in standard sizes but custom jobs are never usually a problem. Having the option to set a delivery date for your concrete steps that coincides with the tradesmen onsite days in your project plan gives you another opportunity to maximise your resources at minimum costs. Follow on work can usually start straight after installation without having to wait for curing times or have tradesmen jumping all around the wet concrete in your stairs.

It should also be noted that precast concrete stairs and precast concrete steps are synonymous with their preform counterpart.

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