Is Yellow Pages dead?

Written by Benjamin R on January 14th, 2010

At Diggy we are very careful about drawing direct comparisons between The Yellow Pages and your Website as an advertising medium. We see The Web as an electronic world, where people are doing much more than simply looking up business to call for further information. Web users typically do detailed research about your business and competitors and drawing comparisons and researching before making a purchase or giving you a lead.

We are starting to see a real change in people’s attitude to Internet Marketing.  Previously many business owners would allocate a fixed yearly budget to promoting and advertising their business as a whole, many small to medium sized businesses would allocate their entire advertising budget to Yellow Pages which is booked a year in advance and offers little flexibility. Business owners in Australia are realising the real benefits of Internet Marketing and appreciate the highly flexible and targeted nature of advertising online.  Many clients tell us that they are switching to Internet Marketing as they are unable to accept Yellow Pages high charges, tie-in contracts.

Many find that Internet Marketing is far superior and more cost effective than a simple Yellow Pages ad.

The attitude and habits ofcustomers is clear. Australians are switching to the Internet to find products and services they require and many claim that Yellow Pages are coming to an end.

A recent article in The Australian (Newspaper) can be found here they refer to a report which claims that:

“The company surveyed more than 1000 Australians in May this year, with results showing one-third of people aged under 29 never used the printed version of Yellow Pages.”

“The survey revealed 58 per cent of Australians would stop having the Yellow Pages delivered if given the choice, as 62 per cent believe it has a negative environmental impact.”


“CoreData’s head of market intelligence, Craig Phillips, said the survey showed two million Yellow Pages were thrown straight into household recycling bins each year.”

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