Variable Message Sign – The best and most visible way to keep people informed.

Written by Benjamin R on September 9th, 2010

variable message boards

Next time you are driving down the highway and you see one of those message signs on the side of the road, you will know why they are there. Variable message signs are a great portable way to clearly get a message across to a mobile audience.

These traffic message boards are actually quite sophistocated pieces of kit. They generally invovle solar panels powering through gell batteries, to most even having the capability to be programmed remotely via sms.

Most of these VMS boards as they are known, even come with multi failover LED displays and exhibit a multitude of varying power saving modes. They even have the abaility to be either locked up in display mode or stored away in a locked storage mode to keep vandals at bay.

variable message boards If you are ever looking to find a variable message board to help with your crowd management and direction needs, then please dont hesitate to contact us.

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